Features of Resmed Aircurve 10 ST BiPAP Machine

Resmed is known for its advanced technology and algorithms and has ruled the sleep therapy market for over 30 years. Resmed CPAP and BiPAP machines are one of the best and finest machines available.

Another user-friendly Bi-Level machine is introduced by ResMed thanks to technological innovation and the use of only premium components. The AirCurve 10ST is a BiLevel device that, because of its built-in backup rate, provides perfect patient ventilator synchrony. The AirCurve 10ST is the finest option for patients who want exceptionally dependable, non-invasive ventilation, whether they are receiving care at home or in a hospital, and it is outfitted with all the newest cutting-edge technological capabilities.

An innovative device, the AirCurve 10ST Machine with the HumidAir System has a total of five working modes with advanced features. Expiratory pressure relief (EPR),auto start and stop capabilities, Vsync automatic leak management, ramp operations, mask fitting functions, and other fantastic performance characteristics are all included with the AirCurve 10ST. The machine is equipped with the following features- 

Heated Humidifier– A HumidAir Humidifier, which is smaller than previous ResMed humidifiers, is included with each AirCurve. Your Resmed Bipap becomes smaller and less portable as a result. You can use the gadget without the humidifier or without filling the water chamber if you don’t typically utilize hot humidification. In every ST Bipap equipment, ST mode offers the newest and most advanced respiratory algorithms. The Aircurve 10 ST offers backup rate in addition to inspiratory positive airway pressure.

Trigger and cycle sensitivity– Adjustable trigger sensitivity gives enough assistance for a light inspiratory effort during the cycle. For people who are prone to intrinsic PEEP or mature breath cycling, adjustable cycles are essential.

Backup Rate– The Aircurve 10 ST offers inspiratory positive airway pressure in addition to having a backup rate that makes sure you get enough breaths per minute even when you’re not naturally breathing.

TiControl – TiControl is a feature of the Resmed Bipap 10 ST. T Max allows you to define a maximum inspiratory line to reduce the possibility of intrinsic PEEP and missing effort, while Ti Min guarantees that there is enough fire for gas exchange without increasing the pressure setting. 

Continuous leak management with Vsync allows for synchrony-preserving treatment pressure delivery. In order for the Resmed bipap to immediately adjust and restore breathing synchrony in the event that an unintended mask leak occurs, Vsync continuously checks the flow.

Climate Control: During therapy, the climate Control feature of the Resmed ST Bipap machine keeps the ideal temperature and humidity level. It comprises a heated air tube called ClimateLineAir and an incorporated humidifier called HumidAir.

Every AirCurve 10 gadget has integrated wireless technology; a module or SD card is not required. This allows you to track and slay people who are involved with their own treatment using my AirView, and it also makes accessing nightly therapy data using AirView quick and simple.

AirView Data Management– The most productive and innovative data management system on the market is Airview. Your data for sleep therapy will be immediately transferred to a networked storage system, giving your doctor remote access to your data. Any AirCurve 10 BiPAP machine purchase includes AirView setup and installation.

SD Card Compatibility: The Resmed AirCurve 10 ST works with a data card and has a built-in wireless module that enables users to communicate therapeutic data right to a doctor or healthcare professional. Up to 365 days’ worth of summary and compliance data can be stored in Aircurve ST. 7 sessions of high resolution flow data and 30 sessions of detailed data.

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