Exploring the Success of 46.786.468 Cleonice Rodrigues Dos Rondonia Geradores

A Quick Overview

Rondonia Generators, officially registered as 46.786.468 Cleonice Rodrigues dos Santos, is a renowned entity in the maintenance and repair of generators, transformers, and electric motors. Founded in the vibrant city of PORTO VELHO, RO, this company has rapidly gained recognition in its relatively short lifespan.

Key Registration Details

  • CNPJ Identity: 46.786.468/0001-54
  • Corporate Designation: 46.786.468 Cleonice Rodrigues dos Santos
  • Alias: Rondonia Generators
  • Operational Base: HEADQUARTERS
  • Legal Classification: 2135 | BUSINESSMAN (INDIVIDUAL)
  • Official Location: RUA MÉXICO, 1075, ANNEX B – NOVA PORTO VELHO, PORTO VELHO | RO, ZIP CODE: 76820-190
  • Capital: R$80,000.00
  • Latest Update: 09/25/2023
  • Working Age: 1 year, three months, and 17 days since inception on 06/14/2022

The Nature of Business

What does Rondonia Generators primarily focus on? As the name subtly hints, their specialty lies in maintaining and repairing electrical components like generators, transformers, and electric motors. Their work ensures these essential devices function optimally, guaranteeing uninterrupted power supply for countless businesses and households.

Transparency and Access to Information

The details here stem from non-sensitive, public origin data, as Federal Revenue protocols and regulations outline. The availability of this data is in harmony with Decree No. 8,777/2016, which firmly sets the Open Data Policy, and Law No. 12,527/2011, which upholds the federal constitution’s guarantee for access to information. But, in supporting the virtue of respect, the company does consider requests for data privacy.

What’s Next for Rondonia Generators?

With an active registration status and a reputation for quality service, the future seems bright for Rondonia Generators. The commitment to excellence, combined with a robust foundation built by Cleonice Rodrigues dos Santos, ensures they remain at the forefront of electrical maintenance and repair in the region.

Final Thoughts

In the vast world of electrical maintenance, Rondonia Generators stands out because of its operational expertise and dedication to transparency and respect for individual privacy. As they journey forward, it’s evident that their contributions to the industry will continue to shine brightly. If you’re near PORTO VELHO, RO, and need their specialized services, now you know where to turn!

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