Exploring 44.961.195 Ltda Card Cred Camacari

A Fresh Glance at Card Cred

The world of finance never ceases to surprise, and in the heart of Camacari, Bahia, a fresh entrant, is making waves. Card Cred 44.961.195 LTDA, fancily named “Card Cred,” started its journey on 01/21/2022. Now, let’s dive deep into this financial establishment’s intricacies.

The Company’s Blueprint

Card Cred isn’t just another financial entity; it’s a micro company with the legal stature of a Limited Business Company. Though the company has not opted for the MEI (Micro Entrepreneur Individual) status, it has smartly chosen the Simple option from its inception. It operates as a matrix type and stands tall and active.

Wondering about its financial strength? This company is playing well with a hefty capital social of R$ 100,000.00!

Delving into the Location

Positioned strategically, Card Cred is nestled in Rua Santa Bernadete, right at the vibrant center of Camacari. If you ever find yourself wandering around Camacari and feel the pull of financial curiosity, head over to Floor 1, Room 8 in the Edif Galeria Jb.

The People Behind the Curtains

Every company’s strength lies in its team. At the helm of Card Cred are the diligent managing partners. The trio steering this ship comprises of:

  1. Karoline Araujo Freitas dos Santos
  2. Nayara Araujo Freitas dos Santos
  3. Robson Costa Santos

With such expertise and experience leading the way, it’s little wonder that the company is thriving in its initial stages.

A Twist in the Tale

Now, you’d expect a company named Card Cred to be deeply rooted in the financial realm. Yet, as per the Federal Revenue, their main activity is a twist: they majorly deal with the manufacture of furniture, with a particular emphasis on wood! Quite the intriguing turn of events.

Reaching Out to Card Cred

Want to get in touch? Whether you’re seeking a robust wooden piece for your abode or want to explore more, Card Cred is a call or an email away. Drop them at cardcredemprestimo@gmail.com or dial (71) 3054-5671.

Concluding Thoughts

Card Cred 44.961.195 LTDA is more than just a company; it’s a testament to how businesses can innovate and thrive. Camacari’s financial and wooden furniture landscape will undoubtedly be redefined with such a unique player in the game. Card Cred is a destination worth considering for those eager to explore or collaborate. Remember, behind every door in Camacari, especially at Rua Santa Bernadete, 160, a wooden masterpiece might be waiting for you.

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