Dp2 Energia Solar e Construcao 45.325.425 LTDA: Illuminating Sao Jose do Egito with Renewable Energy

Dp2 Energia Solar e Construcao 45.325.425 LTDA, colloquially known as 45.325.425 LTDA, is an active player in the renewable energy industry, based in Sao Jose do Egito, Pernambuco, Brazil. Founded on February 16, 2022, this micro-company has begun carving its niche in the energy sector by emphasizing using solar power to create sustainable solutions.

Company Profile

45.325.425 LTDA, trading as Dp2 Solar Energy and Construction, is led by managing partner Vitor Siqueira da Silva and partner Vinicius Siqueira da Silva. Its legal structure is a limited company with a shared capital of BRL 80,000.00. Despite being classified as a micro company, its ambition and focus on renewable energy set it apart in the industry.

Its headquarters are on Rua Vital Lucas, 76, Vital Lucas, Sao Jose do Egito, Pernambuco, with the corresponding postal code 56700-000. The company can be contacted via email at vitor@dp2servicos.com or (87) 99600-7173.

Services and Expertise

The primary activity of Dp2 Energia Solar e Construcao 45.325.425 LTDA, as per Federal Revenue records, is to provide engineering services (71.12-0-00). However, the company’s trade name highlights its focus on solar energy and construction, reflecting a commitment to sustainable practices and renewable energy solutions.

By specializing in solar energy, 45.325.425 LTDA is crucial in reducing carbon footprints, promoting energy efficiency, and driving economic growth through job creation. The company’s services include designing, installing, and maintaining solar panels and related equipment and providing residential, commercial, and industrial customers with clean, renewable energy sources.

Environmental Impact and Contributions

The versatility of 45.325.425 LTDA lies in its ability to integrate engineering know-how with sustainable energy practices, significantly contributing to combating climate change and encouraging environmental sustainability.

Solar energy, a clean, renewable resource, generates electricity without contributing to air pollution or global warming. By promoting solar power, 45.325.425 LTDA significantly reduces harmful emissions, vital in safeguarding our environment.

Moreover, deploying solar energy systems contributes to energy independence and security, reducing reliance on fossil fuel imports and enhancing the energy system’s resilience against price volatility and supply disruption.

Trust and Reliability

As an active and functioning business registered with the Federal Revenue, Dp2 Energia Solar e Construcao 45.325.425 LTDA is a reliable and trustworthy service provider. It is committed to maintaining high standards of professionalism and quality, as evidenced by its legal and active registration status and dedication to sustainable energy solutions.

In conclusion, Dp2 Energia Solar e Construcao 45.325.425 LTDA is not just a company but a testament to the growing importance and viability of renewable energy solutions. It is a shining beacon of environmental responsibility, illuminating Sao Jose do Egito with the sun’s power and promising a brighter, cleaner future for all.

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