Do you know 1 out of 12 doctors in US hospital is an Philippines medical graduate?

There are a great number of individuals who are interested in obtaining a medical degree but who are unable to enroll in a local MBBS program for one several different reasons. These individuals apply to MBBS programs in other countries since doing so is the most common choice. In recent years, several countries have developed their own versions of the MBBS in Philippines curriculum, making it possible for them to accept the great majority of Indian students. Nations such as the Philippines, where students have been graduating successfully for more than 10 years, are examples of countries that fall under this category. Even though hundreds of medical students have finished the program and joined various institutions for their future work, the unknowns linked to the MBBS overseas as well as the MBBS from the Philippines are still slowly coming to an end. This is the case even though hundreds of medical students have already completed the program.


If the medical degree was received from any reputable and recognized universities in the Philippines, then the Bachelor of Science in Medicine (BS MD) degree from the Philippines is entirely acceptable in the United States of America.

The colleges must have a membership with WHO, ECFMG, WMFE, FAIMER, WFME, DORA, and a few more international organizations such as AAMA and so on.

South Western University, Philippines, which is located in CEBU city and is the best medical university in the Philippines as well as South Asia, is one of the many colleges and universities in the Philippines that adhere to the standards of the United States of America and are also recognized by WHO, ECFMG, and FAIMER.

Medical students from the Philippines, whether of Indian or Philippino ancestry, have overwhelmingly passed the USMLE and completed their residency programs in the United States. As indicated by the fact that 40% of American physicians obtained their medical training in the Philippines medical college, it is reasonable to state that the MBBS from the Philippines is fully recognized in the United States. This allows Filipino graduates to practice medicine or continue their education in postgraduate programs. Because the structure of the studies and the way they are taught is relatively similar to the structure of medical education in the United States, an MBBS degree from the Philippines is entirely legitimate in the USA either way to study PG or to practice as a Medical Practitioner. However, it is still necessary to pass the USMLE licensure and eligibility test.

Do you know that one out of every twelve physicians working in hospitals in the United States graduated from medical school in the Philippines?

Because the curriculum and teaching methods closely resemble those used in US medical schools, a MBBS in Philippines may be used to pursue a postgraduate degree or to practice medicine in the United States, albeit it is necessary to pass the USMLE licensure and eligibility exams to do so. 

All medical graduates interested in pursuing their postgraduate medical education in the United States must have a thorough understanding of the qualifying examination to increase their chances of being accepted to one of the prestigious medical colleges or hospitals in the United States. The United States Medical Licensure Examination (USMLE) is the qualifying test that must be taken by any medical graduate who has the goal of completing their residency training in the United States. 

This includes citizens of the United States. One out of every 12 physicians working in hospitals in the United States is a graduate of a Philippines medical college. Most medical students have passed USMLE and finished their residency in the US. Forty percent of US doctors educated in the Philippines are an exact example to verify that the MBBS From the Philippines is 100 percent legitimate in the USA either to practice or to appear for PG.

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