Diving Into 49.006.534/0001-14

About Gabrielly Investimentos

You’re not alone if you’re intrigued by the name Gabrielly Investimentos. Located at the heart of São Paulo, this individual microenterprise is making waves in the specialized retail trade of household appliances and audio and video equipment. Gabrielly Investimentos, officially registered under CNPJ: 49.006.534/0001-14, isn’t just another business in the city; it has a unique story.

Founder & Registration Insights

At the core of Gabrielly Investimentos is Gabrielly Lucas de Menezes Lima. Registered under the corporate name 49,006,534 Gabrielly Lucas de Menezes Lima, this dedicated businesswoman launched her enterprise on the 30th of December, 2022. Within nine months and three days, her business has undoubtedly imprinted in the São Paulo marketplace.

Key Attributes of the Business

  • Size & Nature: Gabrielly Investimentos is a proud Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI), reflecting the spirit of many resilient entrepreneurs in Brazil. Additionally, its legal standing is that of a Businessman (Individual).
  • Capital Insight: With a share capital of R$ 29,000.00, Gabrielly Investimentos is poised for growth. Such a foundation allows it to cater to its market with authority.
  • Status & Options: Actively contributing to the economy, the business currently holds an “Active” position. Furthermore, it has opted for MEI and Simple, ensuring streamlined business processes and operations.

Getting in Touch

Reaching out is a breeze at Rua Joao Teodoro – from 751/752 Ao Fim, 1044 in Bras, São Paulo’s bustling neighborhood. Whether you wish to shoot an email to menezes.investimentosltda@gmail.com or make a call to (11) 3465-4722, Gabrielly Investimentos ensures open communication channels for all.

A Reviewer’s Perspective

From an outsider’s perspective, Gabrielly Investimentos exudes trustworthiness and authority. Its concise and transparent registration details and its unique positioning in the specialized retail sector make it an enterprise to watch. For those looking to understand the pulse of São Paulo’s retail scene, Gabrielly Investimentos is a prime example of expertise, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit.

In conclusion, whether you’re a curious customer, a potential business partner, or just an enthusiast of São Paulo’s vibrant business culture, Gabrielly Investimentos, under the leadership of Gabrielly Lucas de Menezes Lima, is a shining beacon of what dedication and passion can achieve.

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