Diving Deep into 46.522.760/0001-60 M4 Marketing: An Insight into Its Growth


Have you ever wondered about the dynamic marketing world in the tropical paradise of Salvador, Bahia? Well, look no further. We’re about to delve into the intriguing journey of M4 Marketing – a beacon in advertising.

Historical Footprints:

M4 Marketing, better known by its corporate name, M4 Comunicacao e Propaganda LTDA, holds the registration number 46.522.760/0001-60. This Salvador-based agency opened its doors to the world on 05/24/2022. In just a year, three months, and seven days, it’s remarkable how much they’ve achieved.

Corporate Profile:

  • Company Type: As a matrix-type organization, its foundation rests on a robust hierarchical structure.
  • Legal Nature: Operating as a Limited Company, it promises professionalism and accountability.
  • Capital Insights: The firm exhibits financial strength with a whopping capital social of R$ 2.4 million.

4. Stay Connected:

Are you seeking to get in touch with them? Their digital footprint is vast. Email them at Controleria@m4propaganda.com.br or dial (71) 3015-8018. A member of their expert team will gladly assist you.

Physical Presence:

Nested in the heart of Salvador, M4 Marketing boasts an exquisite location. Find them at:

Rua Alceu Amoroso Lima, 000314, Edif Antares Empres Room 709, Caminho das Arvores, Salvador, Bahia, 41820-770.

The address itself speaks volumes about its strategic positioning.

Guiding Forces:

Behind every successful company are the visionaries steering the ship. A quartet of managing partners helms M4 Marketing:

  • Carlos Eduardo Gumes Andrade
  • Francisco Mascarenhas Kertesz
  • Raul Guedes Rabelo
  • Sidonio Cardoso Palmeira

These stalwarts ensure that the company always aligns with its mission and values.

Core Expertise:

While their expertise is vast, M4 Marketing’s primary focus, as acknowledged by the Federal Revenue, is as an advertising agency. It’s a testament to their ability to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing market landscape.

Current Status:

M4 Marketing isn’t just surviving; it’s thriving. It has achieved an “Active” registration status, showcasing its dynamic presence in the industry.


M4 Marketing, with its blend of experienced leaders and strategic location, is more than just a name in Salvador’s marketing arena. They represent innovation, resilience, and growth. Whether you’re an advertiser, a brand enthusiast, or just a curious mind, keeping an eye on M4 Marketing’s journey might offer you the inspiration or expertise you seek.

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