Delving Deep into 47.579.475 Corina da Cunha Goiania

A Brief Overview

Understanding the journey and details of 47.579.475 Corina da Cunha Goiania provides a glance into the business dynamics of Goiânia, the beautiful capital of Goiás. Let’s unravel the facts about this micro-enterprise.

The Origin Story

Founded over a year ago, on 08/15/2022, 47.579.475 Corina da Cunha Goiania has been operating in the heart of Goiânia. As a micro company, its inception was a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit, allowing a new venture to bloom amidst the bustling Brazilian business landscape.

Essential Details: What You Should Know

  • CNPJ Number: The CNPJ (Cadastro Nacional da Pessoa Jurídica) is akin to a Corporate Tax ID in Brazil. The unique number for this company is 47.579.475/0001-48.
  • Business Category: The primary activity of this establishment revolves around outpatient care, specifically those not categorized elsewhere. Such a niche presence signifies adaptability in healthcare services.
  • Location: Situated at Avenida T15, 1419, in the Set Bueno neighborhood, it’s strategically positioned in one of Goiânia’s bustling areas. Anyone wishing to connect can mail to their aptly provided address or ring them at (62) 99981-8098.
  • Operational Status: The company’s status has been active since its foundation date. It demonstrates sustained business operations and adherence to local regulations and requirements.

Structural Insights

Registering as a “Businessman (Individual)” leans towards a more personalized business model. Their choice for the “Simple” option further signifies a streamlined tax regime, benefiting smaller business structures.

With a share capital of R$ 5,000,00, the company maintains a matrix-type structural framework. It often implies a centralized decision-making process, offering agility in business operations.

Reaching Out

For those intrigued to know more or establish a potential partnership, Corina da Cunha Goiania can be reached at As for more traditional folks, a call or a WhatsApp message might be the preferred route.

In Conclusion

47.579.475 Corina da Cunha Goiania is more than just a business entity. It represents entrepreneurial spirit, adaptability, and the pursuit of unique opportunities in Goiânia’s dynamic environment. With its active status and strategic location, one can only anticipate continued growth and contributions to the local community. Enterprises like these weave the very fabric of a city’s business culture.

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