Decoding 44.904.376 Luiz Augusto Campos Engenharia Senges: A Deep Dive

Unveiling the Mystery

When you hear “44.904.376 Luiz Augusto Campos Engenharia Senges,” you might be a bit perplexed. What is it exactly? No, it’s not a secret code. It’s a registered company making strides in the engineering world. This article aims to decode the intricacies of this mysterious-sounding entity.

The Basics: Who and What

Based in Senges, a municipality in the Brazilian state of Paraná, this company is headed by Luiz Augusto Campos. Operating under the CNPJ number 44.904.376/0001-04, it is currently classified as an “Active” business. If you’re wondering, CNPJ stands for the National Register of Legal Entities in Brazil, like the Social Security Number for companies.

Here’s a glance at the essentials:

  • Legal Nature: Entrepreneur (Individual)
  • Company Size: Micro Company
  • Opting for: Simples Nacional
  • Share Capital: R$15,000.00
  • Opening Date: January 18, 2022
  • Primary Economic Activity (CNAE): 7112000 – Engineering Services

Economic Activities and Projects

Campos Engenharia doesn’t limit itself to just one sector of engineering. It spans multiple areas—civil, electrical, environmental—you name it. The focus is on providing top-notch technical engineering services, including project management and oversight.

Eco-Friendly Concerns

While the details aren’t explicitly stated, companies in this field often have to engage in environmentally sustainable practices. With the rising concern over climate change, thinking about sustainability is crucial. Like constructing eco-friendly buildings, Campos Engenharia may consider green solutions in future projects.

Financials and Operations

Now, let’s talk money. With a registered share capital of R$15,000.00, Campos Engenharia may not be a colossal corporation but it is growing. The company opts for Simples Nacional, a simplified taxation regime in Brazil for micro and small enterprises.

Financial Aspects in Brief:

  • Billing: Not Publicly Disclosed
  • Employees: Information Not Available
  • Debts and Processes: Confidential

Contact Details

Eager to get in touch? Here’s how:

Final Takeaways

What does all this information about 44.904.376 Luiz Augusto Campos Engenharia Senges tell us?

  1. It’s Legit: Registered and active.
  2. Diverse Expertise: Services cut across various engineering sectors.
  3. Small Yet Focused: Financially modest but with a broad vision.

So, the next time you come across “44.904.376 Luiz Augusto Campos Engenharia Senges,” you’ll know you’re not staring at a cryptic code but a growing engineering firm with much to offer.

Note: All the data is subject to change, and it’s always wise to consult official sources for the most current information.

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