D2L Marquette Review

D2L Marquette

D2L Marquette is a web-based application that allows students to collaborate in a group project. The program allows for fast, organized transfer of documents between professors and students. It also has a text editing feature for team meetings. There are many features to choose from, including a digital navigation guide.

CheckMarq is a digital navigation guide

Marquette students can navigate easily from their home page. There are quick links to D2L and CheckMarq, which give access to courses and advisement reports. Students can also access MyJob and keep track of their paychecks and hours.

It allows for fast and organized transfer of documents between professors and students

With D2L, students can upload files to class assignments, papers, and other materials and professors can quickly access them. This eliminates potential lag time. Besides, students can access these files on their computers. They can also print their papers if they wish to.

Students can access their grades via D2L using the online portal. Professors can also share media content with students. A media creation webpage can be created for this purpose. It features media creation guides, instructions for uploading videos and other media content to MS Stream, and instructions on how to change permissions and share media content with students. This page can be linked to a D2L course page so that students can access the videos.

It has a text editing feature

The editor allows you to insert text and other content, such as videos or audio. You can also insert external learning tools or URLs. You can also insert symbols and hyperlinks. The Accessibility Checker will check the content for accessibility issues and provide suggestions on how to correct them. Other features of the text editor include the Word Count, Character Count, and Paragraph Count.

If you’re writing long posts, you’ll need a text editing feature that lets you make changes quickly. The default GUI of D2L is not the easiest to use. D2L has several text editing features built in, but the default ones are not ideal. Markdown Here is designed to streamline the writing process and eliminate the need to mess around with D2L’s options. The Markdown Here feature allows you to write text in Markdown, and the editor automatically converts it into email-style HTML without having to mess with the D2L settings. You can also add tabs before each item to change the level of the item.

It allows for team meetings

While D2L Marquette does not place events on calendars, it allows for team meetings. They are accessible through the “Join Microsoft Meeting” link and waffle icon, which appears on the course home page. Instructors can add this widget to their course home page, so students can join the meetings.

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