Understanding its Role and Risks in Cybersecurity


As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the threats associated with it progress at an equally rapid pace. One such threat to be aware of is the Command & Control (C&C) server,, which orchestrates the deployment of a perilous malware known as VenomSoftX. The focus of this article is to unpack the nature of this server, its connection to VenomSoftX, and the potential security risks it poses.


On the surface, may seem like any other server. However, this server acts as a puppet master, controlling the strings of VenomSoftX, a malicious software application with the ability to wreak havoc in the digital ecosystem. Primarily designed to steal cryptocurrencies, this JavaScript-based remote access trojan has a multiplicity of nefarious functions, from capturing clipboard content to executing additional payloads or commands.

The Danger of VenomSoftX

VenomSoftX operates by creating deceptive browser extensions. Masked as harmless, legitimate-looking extensions such as “Google Sheets 2.1” or “Google Docs 1.0”, this trojan cleverly bypasses the victim’s suspicion. Once installed, these extensions wield control over the victim’s browser, providing the malware a gateway to siphon off valuable personal data and financial information.

Man-in-the-Browser Attacks and Cryptocurrency Theft

A critical concern linked to VenomSoftX is its capability to execute man-in-the-browser attacks. This type of attack involves tampering with API requests’ data on popular cryptocurrency exchanges. The trickery allows for the execution of cryptocurrency address swapping, where the attacker substitutes the victim’s legitimate cryptocurrency wallet address with their own. This deceptive swap enables the attacker to drain the victim’s cryptocurrency holdings without leaving any trace.

The Hosting Details

Further research indicates that and the associated VenomSoftX malware are hosted on AS13335 Cloudflare, Inc., located in San Francisco, United States, with an assigned IP address of The malware source also includes apps from third-party websites and ads on dubious platforms, reinforcing the need for users to be cautious while navigating the digital realm.

Countering the Threat

Although the potential risks posed by and VenomSoftX are significant, there are ways to mitigate them. It is advisable to use a reliable anti-malware software, such as GridinSoft Anti-Malware, to remove the infection from the web browser. Despite the malware not hiding deep within the disk, utilizing an anti-malware software is crucial, particularly if pop-up notifications continue to appear, despite never being permitted, as it could be indicative of ongoing malware activity.


Understanding the insidious nature of servers like and the associated VenomSoftX malware is crucial in maintaining digital security. Awareness, combined with proactive protection measures, can go a long way in safeguarding digital assets and personal data against such threats. Let’s tread carefully and consciously in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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