Chopta Tungnath Trek is among the easiest hikes in the Himalayan region. The mountains of Panchachuli, Nanda Devi, Neelkanth and Kedarnath are clear and create a breathtaking scene when you trek. The route covers a huge area that begins at Haridwar and ends in Chandrashila in the direction of several other intriguing areas. This is a great occasion for visitors who are first-time seeking to understand the basics of walking within the Himalayan region. It’s strongly recommended to us by the same. The main attractions of this trek include the Tungnath Temple and Chandrashila Shikhar which offer stunning 360-degree views across these valleys below. Here is a thorough Chopta Tungnath guide for trekking to help you prepare for an entire trek.


Haridwar is the place to start in the Chopta Tungnath Trek that is accessible via rail, road and air. Take an excursion on the motor-friendly highways of the National Highway 58, which connects cities and metros to this stunning city. Several buses run between Delhi and Haridwar frequently, making Haridwar an extremely well-connected destination. Railway routes are accessible from major cities, such as New Delhi (4-5 hrs) and Dehradun (1 hour) are linked by Haridwar Junction railway station, which is situated within walking distance of numerous hotels.36 from Haridwar and Haridwar with flights every day from Delhi Travel to Jolly Grant Airport, located just a few km away. Taxis are easily accessible at this airport to get to Haridwar.


The majority of travellers are in agreement with the fact that Chopta is the best trekking spot throughout the year. However, we suggest you enjoy this amazing experience during April and May, when the weather is nice and offers beautiful breathtaking views. With stunning skies and an energizing breeze, this excursion allows you to take in the freshest air and enjoy the stunning scenery.


Haridwar is a city of saints situated at the foot of the Shivalik ranges of the Himalayas. It is located on the path of the holy Ganga river, which has a holy value. The inhabitants are accommodating, considering the thousands of believers congregate in this city of blessings to pray, and then take a bath in the Ganges. The residents strictly adhere to their sacred beliefs and are extremely friendly to visitors. Compassion is in their connection to one another and the pureness of the city is evident in their manner of conduct.


The trek takes you to the Deoriatal Lake situated at an altitude of 2440 meters from the holy city of Haridwar.This magnificent place offers a stunning panorama of the Chaukhamba ranges.


Entry fees for some checkpoints permit for the trek and the mandatory camping fee within the zone for the entirety of your trek. These will all be provided in the package. Please get in touch with the organizers before making a reservation.


The Trek Nevertheless, it is advised that you carry your supply of first aid supplies such as antiseptics, insect repellent, prescription drugs, etc. Although all precautionary measures should be taken, it is always recommended to learn health care common sense. Please consult your doctor before your drive to get prescription drugs for such possible conditions and take them only if necessary, as they are potent and have strong effects. Since Haridwar is the nearest city to this trekking expedition, please carry the following emergency contact details with you at all times.


  • Good condition trekking boots
  • Boots for camping to cross rivers as well as for visiting devariyatal
  • A pair of wool socks is never a bad idea when hiking in the Himalayas
  • Have a winter coat that is thick to ward off the cold
  • The pants of a trekker are essential to scale the mountains
  • Make sure you have a woollen cap on to shield yourself from the cold and icy bites
  • An eyeglasses pair to block out the sun’s glare
  • Sunscreen
  • Two ltr. water bottle
  • Trekking poles
  • A first aid kit is essential for these hikers. Keep a Swiss knife to carry with you at all times.


Hydrate your body for two days before the trek, which means you need to triple the amount of water you drink to avoid the risk of dehydration.

  • It will be extremely uncomfortable to select the size of a shoe that is one size smaller than its normal size. It is possible to get sore hands and blisters towards the conclusion of the trek. To keep from getting blisters you can wear two socks. Wear a lightweight nylon sock first before putting on extra-large Turkish socks that will keep blisters at bay.
  • If you’re planning to carry your Camera or mobile phone, ensure you take enough waterproof plastic bags.
  • When you are walking along with the rest of the group, you should try and find your natural rhythm of walking. Never try to walk at a pace that is too quickly or too slowly since this can cause premature fatigue.
  • It is recommended to carry a windcheater, however, it is not recommended to wear it when trekking. When we trek, our bodies produce solid heat, and to regulate it, the muscle tissues of our body sweat a lot. In humid conditions, it is perspiring and hot and we can make it worse by wearing windcheaters. All together, it creates an uncomfortable feeling. Our advice is to keep a windcheater inside your backpack and only wear it during a long slow stop.

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