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According to the statistics of 2021, Iran has an estimated population of 85.03 million, and about 85% of the people have access to the internet. With the growing demand for digitalized platforms and the internet service itself, people are exploring different avenues of social media, including Telegram and various chat rooms. Considering the dynamics of Iran, it is likely to contribute to Asia’s economy by opening bilateral doors for technological trade and other activities. With the technological boom in Asian regions, we can observe countries improving their overall technological structure and aligning themselves in the best interest of the economy.

While talking about the rising economies and their correlation with technological advancements, one shouldn’t forget the role of accessibility to the internet and other features. However, the issue of accessible internet still persists in Iran and its adjoining areas. Due to geo-political conflicts and organizational threats, Iranian users are restricted from international websites and content. With the restrictions imposed, many Iranians are unable to access websites and digital platforms across Europe and North American regions. The issue of inaccessibility can be resolved by purchasing the best VPN at the Black Friday VPN sale.

While picking a VPN service, one should always consider doing a bit of homework to enhance the overall selection process. If you are an Iranian user, your primary motive will be to access restricted and blocked websites seamlessly. In order to achieve the same success while surfing online. It’s recommended that you sign up for the premium Ivacy VPN package, which offers professional and convenient services.

Once you have gained access to the VPN connection. You can easily stream content, download files, upload packages, and interact with the outer world. If you are concerned about the rules and regulations. You must go through the information present on your local Government’s IT page and several other parameters. Continue reading to find out why Ivacy VPN stands as the best pick in the upcoming Black Friday VPN online event.

Why is Ivacy VPN Preferred in Iran and its Adjoining Areas?

When talking about the region-wise preferences of IT geeks and technologists, Ivacy VPN stood as the top pick. The VPN market is scaling every week, with top IT companies developing their very own codes and subsequent applications to bypass different regional blockages. However, as an end-user, one should only consider signing up for a VPN service that is one hundred percent reliable and has a decent market reputation. Considering the geo-political situation, there are many platforms that aren’t accessible in Iran. In order to bypass regional security and censorship, Ivacy VPN has the ability and engineered reinforcements that could come in handy in almost every situation.

Talking about the compatibility of the platform and several other parameters, Ivacy VPN ticks every box and is among the top-selling VPN brands online. With end-to-end encryption and security protocols, Ivacy VPN is among the only few VPN service providers who don’t compromise users’ online activity and digital prints. Moreover, with no logs policy, Ivacy VPN doesn’t monitor users’ activity and statistics on the back end. If you are looking forward to using Ivacy VPN for your financial, educational, and business needs. You and your device are in safe hands.

Salient Features of Ivacy VPN  

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Ivacy VPN is among the few VPNs which are easily available in the local market. After subscribing to Ivacy VPN, you get professional after-sale customer service with just one click. With a robust online website and mobile application, users can get confined solutions instantly. Moreover, the PC desktop application is among the only few VPN applications having customized and user-friendly solutions.

Apart from the above-mentioned after-sale services and features, Ivacy VPN offers multiple server-switching features. Which is an extremely intelligent and automated process. If you are an avid streamer. You will look to continuously change your server location for accessing different regional restricted content online. Moreover, with dedicated P2P servers, one can seamlessly access VPN and bypass censored content.

If you are looking to purchase a VPN for just steaming purposes, you can use the in-built split tunneling feature. Which is ideally crafted for streaming. With the split tunneling feature. You won’t suffer due to the buffering phase, which is likely to affect your overall streaming experience. Split tunneling offers an uninterrupted internet connection with VPN’s stability for streaming videos and accessing digital platforms seamlessly.

Apart from this feature, Ivacy VPN offers concealed security parameters when connected to a public WiFi connection. At times when your device is connected to an unsecured public WiFi connection, hackers and online phishers extract data and all sorts of personal information from your device. Hence, it’s best to use an encrypted VPN connection which offers a membrane when surfing on public WiFis. With a reasonably encrypted firewall and other security parameters, one can stream and surf the internet without any hesitation.

Final Word!

While residing in Iran, one has to conceal its original IP if looking to stream European data and platforms. With Ivacy VPN, you can get access to all sorts of digital content. Which is initially blocked under the regional landscape. Moreover, if you are living abroad but crave to find the best Iranian shows and literature online. You will need to conceal your IP and replicate it with a compatible Iranian IP. With Ivacy VPN, one can flip its original IP address and stream geo-restricted content without any limitations.

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