Best Video Conferencing Apps for 2022 & Beyond

After the pandemic, video meetings have become an integral part of businesses. Therefore, it is a no-brainer that all companies must know of the leading video conferencing apps for 2022 and beyond. Take a look. 

Google Meet

G Suite users prefer Google Meet as the ultimate video conferencing app. Its seamless and extensive integration with other applications of Google makes this tool one of the best. 

Originally named Google Hangouts Meet, Google Meet is an enterprise video conferencing software of Google. It is presented as a piece of G Suite. Users can quickly create a meeting using this tool, and the steps are as easy as A, B, C. 

To create a meeting, users must set the meeting in Google calendar and send an invite to the participants. Then, the participants must click on the link to join the video meeting.There’s a compelling reason needed to download any product.

Users can share their screens or files from Google Drive during the video call. The participants can even text each other without causing any interruption. 

G Suite users can create meetings for a hundred attendees for free, and if you are a Business or Enterprise G Suite user, you can create a meeting with up to one hundred fifty or two hundred and fifty participants. You can even add up to 100,000 attendees by choosing the view-only mode. 

In the view-only mode, the participants can hear and see the host, but vice-versa is not possible. In addition, enterprise and Business G Suite users are entitled to other features like recording meetings and live streaming. 

Also, Google Meet is not just available for Windows users. You can use Google Meet for Mac by switching on the Google Meet application from your Gmail account. 


Zoom is one of the leading video conferencing apps, taking businesses by storm. It is an online meeting software that allows users to conduct meetings and efficiently collaborate with teams thanks to its clear audio, impressive video quality, and instant screen-sharing options. The user-friendly video meeting solution is compatible with several devices, including smartphones and desktops. Moreover, owing to its SSL encryption, users enjoy secure video calls. 

Install the Zoom app and host video meetings, one-on-one video calls, online classes, and group calls. You can even host 1:1 video calls without time restrictions or carry out group calls with up to a hundred participants. 

Although you can download and install the tool for free, there are paid plans to help you get the most out of the app. For example, the paid version allows users to video chat with 1000 participants. 

Even when you don’t have access to a stable Internet connection, the tool allows you to continue with your sessions or meetings. So while you might not get HD-quality sound and video quality, you can keep going without interruption. 

During the video call, users can text the participants, use dial-in numbers, record the entire video call, or even schedule calls in advance. 


If you are looking for a powerful video communication app for improving business team communication, don’t forget to check out Workplace. It is a platform from Meta offering more than video or chat. The tool provides an HD video calling facility across the platform. 

The tool’s chat mode is free from the interruption of Messenger and Facebook. In addition, the app is well-known for its ad-free attribute. 

Other notable features of Workplace are instant chat conversations, live streaming, an excellent knowledge library, and live video broadcasting. 


Tauria is an excellent video communication web application that covers everything a user might expect. From text messaging to voice chats and video conferencing, there’s nothing that the tool cannot help you with. 

The tool has a cloud-based feature to share data conveniently and comes with an added layer of security. Since the tool is cloud-based, users can quickly access the files remotely over the Internet. 

Tauria comes with a record feature that enables users to record meetings and critical calls, ensuring no one in the group misses them. Users have to press a button to join meetings or calls, which separates Tauria from the rest. 


Slack is typically a messaging application and a popular collaboration tool for businesses worldwide. The tool’s design is outstanding and transforms a company’s communication culture. 

For Slack, video conferencing is an add-on functionality. It helps to integrate hybrid teams. One-to-one video calls are one of its complimentary offerings, and the tool allows up to fifteen people to participate in a call. If you need to create a meeting with a large number of attendees, there are customizable pricing plans that you can check out. Moreover, there are hassle-free screen-sharing options to make video meetings more meaningful. 

The Bottom Line

These are some video communication tools worth checking out. You can install them for free and then get a paid membership to unlock all their features.

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