Are Drain Flies Harmful? 

Some insects in the home are useful, while others are harmful. A Drain Fly is one sort of bug you could notice, which may make you question if drain flies are dangerous to people. These strange-looking insects live within pipes and often proliferate swiftly.

With its distinguishing appearance, a drain fly is not a nuisance you want in your house. They not only signal the presence of filthy living conditions, but they may also injure humans. If you notice drain bugs in your home, contact pest control Escondido immediately. 

What are drain flies? 

Drain flies are winged insects that dwell in unsanitary environments such as sewers. Sewer gnats, filter fly, sewage fly, and moth flies are some of the other names for them. These flies may be identified by their habitat (drains and sewers), as well as their winged, fuzzy appearance, black, brown, or grey color, and tiny size (typically smaller than a house fly). Their diet is unenviable since they eat sewage and other organic detritus.

Are drain flies dangerous? 

Drain flies deposit their eggs on organic waste found in drains and sewer systems and can mature in a week. If you have noticed these animals emerging from your sewage system, your first response might be, “Are drain flies dangerous?”

Drain flies are not dangerous to humans or structures in small quantities. Only when they gather in huge numbers do problems begin. Drain flies, for example, carry germs due to where they dwell; this, along with their ugly appearance, particularly in kitchen areas, can annoy you, your family, or your clients.

Drain flies have little influence on the health of humans. However, they have been linked to exacerbating the symptoms of bronchial asthma in certain people. They are most commonly associated with food contamination, which may make people and pets unwell. 

Do you have a drain fly infestation? 

Drain fly infestations may sometimes attack suddenly and without notice, which is troublesome for households and business owners. Your greatest defense is to understand how to recognize the warning signals.  

Brushing up on identifying skills while distinguishing a drain fly from another insect type is critical. One method for determining whether you have a possible infestation is to place adhesive tape over a portion of a drain entry and see whether any drain flies attach to it.

If you suspect that your house has a drain fly infestation, hire an expert for a drain CCTV survey. The professional will insert small cameras deep into your system to determine whether or not drain flies are to blame for your drainage difficulties and the degree of the problem.

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