An Overview of the Forter Fraud Prevention Platform


Forter is a company that focuses on fraud prevention technology for online marketplaces and retailers. It has offices in New York, London, Singapore, and Tel Aviv, Israel. Its machine learning algorithms and decision dashboard allow it to provide a high level of protection for its customers. This article will give you an overview of the Forter fraud prevention platform. You can also learn more about Forter’s Fraud Prevention Platform extension for Magento.

Forter’s Payment Protection platform

Forter’s Payment Protection platform has been recognized as a leader by Frost & Sullivan’s Radar Report for Online Fraud Prevention. In the report, Forter was distinguished for its breadth of global network, advanced technology, identity-based decision-making, first-party data sets, enhanced business insights, and costeffectiveness. These factors have contributed to its market leadership position. To learn more about the Forter Payment Protection platform, read on to discover what sets it apart.

Forter’s Payment Protection platform provides merchants with accurate real-time decisions for every transaction, reducing the risk of false declines and allowing merchants to maximize conversions and approval rates. It is integrated with Magento, Bigcommerce, and Demandware, among others. The platform also features mobile commerce capabilities and analysis of credit and debit purchases. In addition to this, it supports PayPal, Google Wallet, and secure mobile payments.

Forter’s integrated payment fraud prevention platform is powered by a global merchant network and predictive fraud research. It is customizable to meet the needs of merchants, delivering a smoother user experience and increased sales. It is backed by $100M of venture capital and is a trusted partner of Fortune 500 companies. This partnership shows Forter’s commitment to customer-centricity and innovation. Forter’s Payment Protection platform provides the best solutions to help merchants protect their brand and increase their revenue.

Whether it is a big brand or a small startup, Forter is a trusted partner for many digital commerce leaders across industries. Nordstrom, Sephora, Adobe, and Priceline are just a few of the brands that use Forter’s Payment Protection platform. And for good reason. Forter’s system is tailored to each client’s unique risk profile and pain points, ensuring accuracy and maximum customer satisfaction.

Its Fraud Prevention Platform extension for Magento

Forter’s Fraud Prevention Platform extension for the Magento platform provides an automated and frictionless solution to prevent fraud. The system can identify fraudulent transactions immediately, without requiring manual review or writing rules. The extension is a flexible solution that can be customized to fit a merchant’s unique business requirements. It also comes with a fraud chargeback guarantee. For more information, visit

Forter’s Fraud Prevention Platform extension for the Magento store integrates with Forter’s API services. It also provides configuration options to automatically handle fraudulent decisions. The extension works on both desktop and mobile. The extension is available for download on Forter’s website. After installation, you’ll need to register with Forter and create an account. Forter will contact you with next steps. The extension is optimized for minimal impact and has been tested extensively to ensure performance. Several leading commerce businesses use Forter’s extension.

Forter’s Fraud Prevention Platform extension for the Magento platform works with multiple payment providers and merchants to provide complete protection against fraud. The system helps merchants prevent reversals by blocking transactions from fraudulent users. In addition, it reduces the friction for legitimate customers. The extension streamlines integration and helps merchants go live with Forter quickly. Forter’s Fraud Prevention Platform extension for Magento makes it easy for merchants to use this innovative solution.

With the Forter Fraud Prevention Platform extension for Magento, merchants can avoid chargebacks by eliminating friction and increasing approval rates. Because Forter connects with banks directly, transactions are approved in under a second, eliminating the risk of fraud. In addition, merchants can receive real-time feedback on their business performance and receive instant re-decisions. With Forter, a merchant no longer needs to worry about chargebacks because they have more peace of mind.

Its machine learning algorithm

The Forter machine learning algorithm combines a sophisticated analytics engine with the expertise of human analysts to identify and prevent fraud in online transactions. Its system is customizable to every client’s unique risk profile and fraud pain points, ensuring optimal accuracy. Forter also employs machine learning to identify patterns in online shopping behavior. It uses this data to recommend the best course of action based on past customer behavior. Its customers include Nordstrom, Sephora, Instacart, Burger King, and more.

Powered by machine learning, Forter prevents fraudulent transactions from affecting retailers’ bottom lines. With its network of more than 180 million U.S. shoppers, it detects fraud across the entire customer lifecycle – from account takeover to return abuse. Forter’s analysts continually refine the company’s proprietary machine learning algorithm to keep up with current fraud trends. Fortune 500 companies as well as fast-growing digital disruptors rely on Forter to protect their brands and customers from fraud.

Forter was founded by three former PayPal employees and processes $50 billion in online transactions each year. Its machine learning algorithm is more accurate than the human eyes that used to analyze data on fraud. The algorithm works by collecting thousands of data points on online transactions, including device type, geographic location, and browsing habits. By using this data, Forter is able to identify fraudulent transactions much faster than human-trained fraud experts. This is a significant competitive advantage, especially for startups in the e-commerce space.

Its decision dashboard

The Forter Decision Dashboard provides deeper insights into fraud, customer trends, and business KPIs. These insights help you prevent fraud and keep your customers safe. Forter’s technology scales to meet the needs of your growing business. It also scales to handle more complex transactions. The decision dashboard offers realtime data and analytics. It also lets you customize business KPIs based on the data you collect. Here’s how it works:

Forter is an integrated commerce enabler designed to increase the conversions of great customers and prevent fraud. It eliminates the need for manual reviews and rules. It works across channels and payment methods, and supports multiple languages. You can integrate it with your existing commerce platform. It also offers mobile commerce capabilities. Forter analyzes credit and debit purchases and protects your online business from fraud and abuse. It also supports PayPal and Google Wallet, so you can continue to serve your customers while they’re on the go.

Forter’s fraud prevention dashboard enables you to monitor your entire merchant portfolio and make informed decisions about your future revenue. The system uses machine learning, fraud expertise, and a growing global data network to make realtime decisions. This eliminates the need for manual review of transactions and reduces fraud losses. The solution is available as a white-label or value-added service to merchants. Forter provides flexible and scalable business solutions to meet changing trends and meet compliance standards.

Its reimbursement policy

Forter’s reimbursement policy outlines the terms and conditions under which it will reimburse Merchants for eligible chargebacks. The terms and conditions of the policy supersede any Merchant Service Agreement. In addition, for merchants who are participating in the Amex Chargeback Full Recourse Program, the Amex Chargeback Policy applies. If you are a participating merchant, please read and follow the terms and conditions of your MSA carefully.

Forter’s reimbursement policy has several components, including its Policy Abuse Protection program. The company also has an item-not-received policy. The latter protects merchants from abuse related to coupon or promo codes, or from fraud attributed to reshippers. Forter’s reimbursement policy is easy to understand and implement, and you’ll be happy you signed up for it. Listed below are some important benefits of Forter’s reimbursement policy.

– Merchants retain the right to dispute Eligible Chargebacks with their payment processor and credit card issuer. The merchant must submit the necessary documentation and assistance to reduce the Reimbursement Amount to the lowest possible amount. Once your customer receives an approved refund, Forter will notify you and your bank. The amount will be automatically added to your next invoice. If you’ve ever been turned down by a customer, this is an unfortunate situation for both the merchant and the consumer.

Another benefit of Forter’s reimbursement policy is that it protects merchants from blacklisting by payment providers. The company also claims that it mitigates 85% of false declines and 75% of fraudulent transactions. This policy is a significant benefit for merchants, especially those who are unable to afford an unfavorable chargeback policy. Forter also provides merchants with an integrated fraud prevention platform and fraud mitigation dashboard.

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