All You Should Know About Rhinoplasty Surgery In Louisville, KY

A nose job also called rhinoplasty surgery in Louisville, KY, is a type of plastic surgery procedure that involves making adjustments to the nose. This procedure offers the following results:

  • A nose job can help you adjust the size of your nose.
  • It can provide changes to the angles of your nose.
  • Rhinoplasty can assist in straightening your dorsal hump.
  • It can help to reshape the tip of your nose
  • A nose job is effective in narrowing the nostrils.

As effective as a nose job in Louisville, KY is, you need to understand it also has its issues. This explains why you need to be sure of what you’re getting involved in.

What are the risks of rhinoplasty surgery?

Like other surgeries, a nose job also has its risks. Below are a few risks associated with this type of surgery:

  • breathing difficulties
  • asymmetrical nose
  • scars
  • nosebleeds
  • a numb nose

With the right nose job surgeon in Louisville, KY, you should be able to avoid most of these risks. Specialists at Kentuckiana ENT will better understand your medical history, allergies, and current medications before performing a nose job on you. In addition, our specialists will also perform a series of physical examinations, blood tests, and skin examinations on you to be sure there won’t be any complications with your rhinoplasty surgery. All these factors are essential to avoid the above-mentioned risks.

Things to expect

  • In addition to discussing your medical history, medications, current medical conditions, and allergies, you should also expect the doctor to take images of your nose. These images will be used for the assessment of the long-term results of your rhinoplasty surgery.
  • The cost of the rhinoplasty surgery procedure is another thing you should expect to discuss with our experts on your first visit.
  • Painkillers, such as ibuprofen and aspirin, are not advised before the rhinoplasty procedure. Ensure to stay away from them at least 2 weeks before the surgery.
  • For proper healing, you should consider quitting smoking. Tobacco contains nicotine, which constricts your blood vessels and slows down the healing process.

How do the procedure and recovery process work?

How exactly does rhinoplasty surgery in Louisville, KY work? The first thing you should know is that this procedure should be over within one or two hours. In most cases, you won’t have to stay in the hospital for recovery.

  • For the procedure, your surgeon will have a discussion on anesthesia options with you. Two available options are local anesthesia and general anesthesia. The former is ideal if you want to stay awake during the procedure. In this case, however, your face will be numb. The second option (general anesthesia) is ideal if you want to stay unconscious throughout the rhinoplasty procedure.
  • During the procedure, the rhinoplasty surgeon in Louisville, KY will access your nasal tissues to reshape or resize your nose. This assessment is possible as the doctor will perform a small incision between your nostrils.
  • What happens if you have polyps? In case you don’t know, a polyp is an abnormal growth of tissue in your nose’s mucous membrane. If this happens, the surgeon will cut out the polyps to prevent them from interfering with your breathing.
  • As soon as the reconstruction of your nose is over, the doctor will carefully put your tissues and skin in the right place and stitch up the incision between your nostrils.
  • The recovery process often occurs in the recovery room. Here, as you slowly regain consciousness, the rhinoplasty surgeon in Louisville, KY will monitor you. In addition, your doctor will also give you a few post-op instructions to assist your recovery process at home.
  • Of course, your sleeping process for the next couple of days will be affected if you want to improve drainage. Instead of the normal sleeping position, you’ll have to sleep sitting up.
  • You also need to avoid strenuous exercises and activities. Instead, all you need to do during the recovery process is “relax.”

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