Aerosol Therapy: What Is It And How Can It Benefit You?

Aerosol therapy is essential therapy for people who have difficulties breathing properly. With this technique, it becomes pretty much easier to administer medication straight into the airway and lungs. This type of therapy is effective for treating different types of breathing problems, including Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD).

In the rest of this blog, you’ll discover everything you need to know about aerosol therapy, including how it can benefit you and how to find the best products on MoovKart.

Who needs aerosol therapy?

As you now know, aerosol therapy is an effective treatment technique for addressing different kinds of air-breathing issues. Primarily, experts take advantage of this treatment option to combat different aerosol disorders, including obstructive lung diseases, infectious pulmonary diseases, and pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Speaking of lung diseases; asthma, a long-term, clinical syndrome of chronic airway inflammation, is one of the many issues that can be treated with this therapy. Other chronic diseases that can be addressed with aerosol therapy are cystic fibrosis, bronchitis, bronchiectasis, and emphysema.

Today, there are tons of benefits attached to going for aerosol treatment. Below are a few things you’ll stand to gain:

  • With an aerosol treatment, you’ll receive a direct administration of essential medications to the exact treatment site.
  • Since you’re getting the medication directly to the treatment site, it’s safe to say that this method is way more effective than oral treatment.
  • Another good thing about aerosol therapy is that it helps to reduce several systemic adverse effects.

How exactly does aerosol therapy work?

Unlike in the past, aerosol treatment can happen in a couple of ways. The treatment option can happen with the use of:

  • Metered dose inhalers
  • Dry powder inhalers,
  • Nebulizer, and
  • Inhalation accessory devices.

The good thing is that all these aerosol therapy methods have their strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Metered dose inhalers

Metered dose inhalers or MDI is an effective aerosol therapy strategy that involves the use of handheld devices. These devices feature a pressurized metal canister and a metering valve, which allows for an accurate dosage of your medication.

The good thing about using a metered dose inhaler is that it’s very portable and reduces the risk of bacterial contamination. The drawback, however, is that you can’t use this method if you’re highly sensitive to propellants.

  1. Dry powder inhalers

Dry powder inhalers, also known as DPI aerosol therapy, involve the use of devices that feature minute particle capsule medications. With the help of a mouthpiece, you’ll be able to take these medications. The good thing about this treatment option is that it’s for almost everybody, including people that are sensitive to propellants.

  1. Nebulizer

Nebulizers are arguably the most popular aerosol therapy option out there. Unlike the other treatment methods on this list, this option involves the use of electrical devices to perform a nebulization process – the transformation of drug solutions into aerosol (breathable) particles.

Nebulization can occur in three different forms:

  • A pneumatic jet nebulizer works with the help of compressed gas.
  • An ultrasonic nebulizer requires the use of high-frequency vibrations for the nebulization process.
  • A mesh nebulizer uses fine mesh to transform the drug solutions into aerosol particles, which patients can easily breathe in.

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