About Instagram Highlights

Instagram is a social media platform which is used by millions of people for communication, entertainment and also for shopping. Instagram is a free application for making videos and taking photos by using different effects and beauty cameras. It allows users to share their photos and short videos publically and earn money by uploading videos and photos. This is not only for entertainment but also for business as many businesses promote their brand through this application. Highlights is the part of Instagram which is the first part of an instagram profile because when people open the instagram account it shows on the first. Highlights are just like a story but there is a little difference in story or highlight as story disappears within 24 hours but highlights still remain until people delete it.

What are the highlights?

Highlights is the first key feature of Instagram. It is showing under the Instagram profile just below the bio. Instagram highlights is the collection of saved stories that appear on the person’s Instagram profile. Unlike Instagram stories, which disappear after 24 hours but highlights remain until people delete them. That’s why we can say that highlights are just like instagram stories. People can also see the total number of viewers who see their highlights. If you want to avoid getting in the list of highlights viewers. Then you can use IgAnony tool to view other’s highlights secretly.  The most interesting thing is that people can make more than a hundred highlights in their profile. People can share their archived stories into highlights and they can also make new highlights. Apart from that, people can make the cover of the highlights by themselves according to their choice and to their story logo which make the story more eye-catching. People can use a different variety of images, graphics, and their own art designs to create the highlight cover. The highlight cover shows the content of the story and people can make text highlight cover to give an attractive look to highlight. The other hand people can easily remove the highlight if they get bored or want to get extra space to create new highlights, they just long press the highlight which they want to delete until showing the menu then choose the delete option to remove the highlight from their profile. If people want to change their highlight cover they can change it with a few easy steps, firstly select the highlight which they want to change then press the highlight and choose the more option and edit highlight , then go to edit cover and select the image which they prefer to change instead of the old one. Instagram highlight is beneficial for individuals as it catches the attention of others and also it saves the memory of the person for a long time until people delete it by themselves. The other great thing is that stories are available for limited time only and some people are not able to watch it but highlights time is unlimited and others watch it anytime. Therefore, Instagram highlights provide the opportunity to save people’s stories for a long time instead of losing them after a period of limited time.

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