A Deep Dive into Embauba Producoes LTDA 42.618.722/0001-54

Understanding Embauba Producoes

The vibrant world of visual artists, independent journalists, and writers has seen a significant addition in the form of Embauba Producoes. Operating under the corporate name Embauba Producoes LTDA, this company, identified by the CNPJ 42.618.722/0001-54, embarked on its journey in the bustling city of Brasília, located in the Federal District state.

Snapshot of its Credentials

  • Business Identity: Corporate Name: Embauba Producoes LTDA | Trade Name: Embauba Producoes
  • Regulatory Aspects: Registration Date: 07/07/2021 | Registration Status: Active | Status Date: 07/07/2021
  • Business Specifics: Size: Small Business | Legal Framework: Limited Business Company | Type: Matrix | Share Capital: R$40,000.00
  • Taxation Choices: Opted for Simple: Yes | Date of Simple option: 07/07/2021 | Option for MEI: No

Reaching Out

Those interested in connecting can reach out via:

  • Emailembaubacomunicacoes@gmail.com
  • Telephone: (61) 3526-0938 | For a more instant touch: (61) 98112-7848 (Also available on Whatsapp)
  • Physical Address:
    • Setor Sbs Quadra 2 Bloco S Sala 05, Edif Empire Center, Asa Sul, Brasília DF, 70070-904.

The Captain at the Helm

Every great ship needs an equally great captain. Leading the team at Embauba Producoes is Brunna Rosa Alfaia, who plays the role of the Managing Partner. Her role and expertise underline the company’s commitment to its core activities.

A Look at its Core Activities

As the Federal Revenue records dictate, Embauba Producoes primarily revolves around the activities of visual artists, independent journalists, and writers. It is a domain that demands creativity, precision, and dedication – values that the company evidently prioritizes.

Eco-conscious and Forward-Thinking

While the provided data does not specifically highlight the eco-friendly initiatives of Embauba Producoes, it’s worth noting the increasing trend of small businesses adopting sustainable practices. Being a modern entity, it wouldn’t be surprising if Embauba Producoes is actively making efforts to contribute to an eco-friendly environment.

Wrapping Up

Embauba Producoes LTDA, with its CNPJ 42.618.722/0001-54, is not just a business entity but a testament to the thriving ecosystem of visual artists, writers, and journalists in Brasília. While they have been in operation for a little over two years, their active status indicates a promising future. Whether you’re a collaborator, client, or simply a curious mind, this is one establishment worth keeping an eye on.

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