7 Last-Minute Wedding Ideas to Consider

Ok, we’re going to be real with you. Many believe that planning your own wedding is a full-time job, and anything cobbled together in less than a year isn’t even worth doing.

This notion is false, absolutely false.

Just because you’re planning a wedding last-minute, doesn’t mean that your wedding won’t still be incredible.

After all, a wedding is a celebration – it’s all about the people – everyone gathering together to celebrate love.

Take a deep breath, no sweat, no stress.
We’ve got a bunch of great ideas, from locations to aesthetics. We promise, your day will be just as special as the weddings people spend years planning.

Quick Tip:

Before we get into it, if time’s ticking, get your dress and the bridesmaids dresses picked out – and any alterations attended to – stat. This article contains everything you need to know about dress alterations.

Alright, let’s have some fun!

1. Backyard Bash

If you (or a good friend) has the space, a backyard bash is always a blast. You get to choose the vibe, and whether you pick a low-key BBQ type affair with checkered tablecloths and straw bale seating, or choose something a little more elegant, say tea-length dresses and finger sandwiches. With backyard weddings and all the things you can do, the options are endless.

Venues are limiting. You have to work around their availability, and frequently there’s only a small window of time to set up, celebrate, and then clean up afterwards. In a backyard, you have more time. You can plant rose bushes and install or make a trellis.

2. Home Town Destination

How about a destination wedding… in your own hometown? Airbnb is full of beautiful lakeside retreats and other places that take full advantage of cool cities or nature preserves. Play up the architectural features of a refurbished loft in the middle of the city, you know. The kind with exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and full-length picture windows that look out over the skyline and streets below.
Or, tie the knot on a sprawling deck overlooking the Smokey Mountains.

3. Cottagecore

If you’re looking for a romantic theme, why not go with the cottagecore aesthetic? It works well in any setting.
Think English garden, big blooms and sprigs of greenery neatly interwoven throughout the décor. The color pallet is a mixture of soft pinks and pastels, grounded with darker greens and deeper hues, which add an appealing depth. Bring in silks, velvet, and leggy brass candleholders. There is a ton of inspo for this aesthetic; our advice is choose the elements you love.

4. Country

A country wedding is so much fun! It’s versatile as well – can be indoors or out. Rent a barn, or incorporate the theme into a backyard bash. If noise ordinance allows, a live band always gets the dance floor swinging. Decorate with flowers in jars, and bright primary colors. And if you really want to kick it up a notch, have your bridesmaids wear cowboy boots.

5. Forest

Depending on where you live, a forest (or other type of nature) wedding is probably more doable (and less expensive) than you think. Federal land is available for everyone to use; the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management allow people to camp at one spot, for free, for up to 14 days. That means if you find a spot in one of these places, you’re free to get married there. Be mindful that these places are first come first serve, there’s no reservations. Also, some prohibit open flame during certain times of year. Check the associated website for further details on what is and isn’t permitted. There’s a ton of pristine land out there in picture perfect places. Just remember, whatever you bring in, take with you when you leave,

6. Library

Libraries, zoos, museums… Did you know you can rent some of them out for weddings? The best part is the novelty factor. You don’t have to spend as much time focusing on décor when there’s lions, tigers and bears in your midst… contained of course.
Think about places you and your fiancé love; perhaps you can get married there.

7. Vegas

Ah Vegas, an iconic fun-filled wedding destination for over 100 years now. For those who enjoy the glitter, why not? Your nearest and dearest can join you, or perhaps it’s just the two of you. Either way, Vegas has retained its crown as the top wedding destination because it has them down to a science.


We hope these ideas help, but truly. The ingredients to the perfect wedding are you, your fiancé, and your loved ones. And maybe a little champagne.

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