The new season has arrived and all of us flycatchers are impatient and eager to be by the river, fly rod in hand, to tempt the elusive trout.

It is a time of preparation, review, and cleaning of the material, of long assembly sessions facing the lathe, and replenishing our boxes of those imitations that we hope will be decisive when it comes to deceiving the roosterfish on the fly.

For this reason, we are going to review, even in a “virtual” way, some of the fishing accessories that should not be missing at the foot of the river.

Sun Clothes with SPF 50+

The sun cloth has become an essential element for a fly fisherman. It allows us to fish from within the river and help us stay protected from the sun. Thus you will be able to stay longer in the line during the cast without fear of having a sunburn.

For best protection, dress in closely woven, dark-colored, long-sleeved clothing and wide-brimmed headwear. Furthermore, certain fibers provide more protection than others. While high-shine polyester and silk reflect UV rays, unbleached cotton absorbs them.

Using sun clothing allows you to enjoy the sun without restrictions while fly fishing for roosterfish. You’ll never feel better in the sun when enjoying sports, traveling, relaxing by the water’s side, or simply relaxing at home on the weekend. However, if you wear sun protection with SPF 50+, you can remain longer and enjoy your vacation views more.

Polarized glasses

In my opinion, an irreplaceable material, both for the fly fisherman and for the spinning fisherman. The function of polarized glasses is to attenuate the reflections of light in the water, facilitating, among other things, the location of the fish and allowing us to visualize the fly and the long-awaited moment in which the fish takes it with its mouth.

Bajio sunglasses

In this scenario, I recommend the Bajio sunglasses as they have all the features to help you stay in the sun without encountering any light issues. This is why they are recommended, especially for people with photosensitivity or bothered by the sun, even with sunglasses. It lets you get a good view of roosterfish on the fly and capture the moment.

Yeti coolers

The Yeti cooler is one of our most adaptable hard-sided coolers, making it ideal for use as a stationary fit to keep cold beverages chilled in the heat. The cooler’s bear-proof construction will keep your water from becoming polluted wherever you take it.

It’s tough, harsh, can retain ice for days, and is ready to face the wilderness. So, if you’re planning a trip to a Baja fly fishing lodge, the Yeti cooler could be the last one you’ll ever need.

Fly boxes

It is not about taking a large number of boxes for mochas with countless flies inside (many of which we will not use), but about choosing the boxes that house our precious flies.

Boat box from Umpqua

Personally, I prefer boat boxes with a rubber gasket on the edge, which makes them watertight, preventing water from getting inside. Another interesting factor for choosing this box is the plenty of space inside. This makes it ideal even for tall bass bugs and the exterior foam sheet.

Flying Rod and Reels

The fishing rod and reel set is an excellent item for anglers, and it is composed of extra strong fiberglass for great power and sensitivity, making it ideal for fly fishing for roosterfish. Fishing rods with a fast action bend just a little. 

They are, therefore, excellent for giant game fishing or when you have to swiftly bring the fish’s head up and out of the water. They are lightweight fishing gadgets designed to make your job simpler. Choose those that are suitable for both fresh and salt water.

Fast-action rods normally have a heavier swing and physical weight. I recommend the Fishing’s Truth Z series fly rod because it uses graphene technology which makes the rod appear to violate physical rules. The Truth Z is extremely light in hand, delivers quick line speeds, shoots straight, and is accurate both up close and far away. In the case of the reels, you can get the Nautilus NV monster fly reel due to the strength of roosterfishes.


Besides getting the right accessories for fly fishing for roosterfish, fly fishing at the right lodge is essential. This is why we recommend you use Baja fly fishing lodge as your roosterfish lodge to get the fun out of your trip.

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