47.302.991 LTDA Trindade Enfermagem Belem

Introduction: A Fresh Take on Healthcare in Belém

Belém, nestled in Pará, has always been a city with an eye on progress. In line with this, a new force has risen in the healthcare sector – Trindade Enfermagem 47.302.991 LTDA. Let’s dive into the world of this burgeoning nursing establishment and discover what makes it so unique.

Foundation and Legality: The Birth of a Legacy

Key Registration Details:

  • CNPJ: 47.302.991/0001-20
  • Corporate Name: 47,302,991 LTDA
  • Trade Name: Trindade Enfermagem
  • Opening Date: 07/26/2022
  • Company Size: Micro Company
  • Legal Stand: Limited Business Company
  • Capital Value: R$ 15.000,00
  • Nature: Matrix

Within just over a year of its inception, Trindade Enfermagem has already established itself as a trusted player. Opting for ‘Simple,’ a decision made on 07/26/2022, the company streamlined its processes to offer efficient services to its clients.

Location: At the Heart of Belém

The strategic location in Old Town, Belém, ensures that Trindade Enfermagem remains accessible and convenient. Their exact address is: Trindade Enfermagem 47.302.991 LTDA, Vila Martins 180, Cidade Velha, Belém PA 66023-300.

For those in the vicinity, reaching out is as simple as a call or a WhatsApp message to (91) 98288-6139.

The Pillar Behind the Initiative: Alessandra Thalleessa Ramos Trindade

The Managing Partner, Alessandra Thalleessa Ramos Trindade, is spearheading the operations and making critical decisions. Her expertise and dedication are vital for the company’s direction and vision. As the key figure, she embodies the company’s expertise, trustworthiness, and authoritativeness values.

Offerings: Pioneering Nursing Activities

Trindade Enfermagem specializes in nursing activities, a domain specified as 86.50 -0-01 by the Federal Revenue. With an active status, they are poised to redefine nursing care in Belém.

Getting in Touch: Seamless Communication

Contact Details:

Conclusion: Trindade Enfermagem’s Bright Future in Belém

As Belém continues to grow, so does the need for quality healthcare. Trindade Enfermagem, with its unique approach and dedication to nursing care, is undoubtedly on a path to setting new standards in the sector. For those in Belém and the state of Pará, this is undoubtedly a name to remember and trust for nursing needs.

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