47.282.856 LTDA Treinamentos Especificos Belem

Introduction: The Formation of a Novel Venture

Specific Training, formally registered as 47.282.856 LTDA, has carved out its niche in the bustling municipality of Belém, Pará. Though its relatively recent inception, the company’s growth trajectory and commitment are laudable. Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of this organization.

At A Glance: Key Company Highlights

  1. Legal Identity and Status
  • Corporate Name: 47,282,856 LTDA
  • Trade Name: Specific Training
  • CNPJ: 47.282.856/0001-60
  • Status: Active since 07/25/2022
  1. Company Dimensions
  • Size: Denoted as a Micro Company
  • Legal Structure: Operating as a Limited Business Company
  • Capital Stock: R$ 15.000,00
  1. Decision Dynamics
  • Elected for a Simplified Regime: Affirmative
  • Simplicity Initiated: On 07/25/2022

Strategic Location: Where Expertise Meets Opportunity

Belém, a city teeming with history and culture, hosts Specific Trainings. The company’s address is:

  • Street: Vila Martins, 180
  • Neighborhood: Old Town
  • CEP: 66023-300
  • Municipality: Belém, Pará

This prime location aids in establishing a connection with the local community, thereby fostering an environment of trust.

Behind the Scenes: The Administrative Backbone

Mr. Agnaldo Ramos Correa Neto, the managing partner, is the mainstay behind the operations of Specific Training. His qualification resonates with the company’s ethos, ensuring its growth and adherence to industry standards.

Channels to Connect: Reach Out and Engage

Specific Training is always available for a chat, whether you are an aspiring trainee, a business partner, or simply curious.

Final Thoughts: The Promise of Specific Trainings

Specific Training 47.282.856 LTDA, with its core focus on nursing activities, presents a blend of expertise, trustworthiness, and relevance. As a beacon in the healthcare training industry, its journey since 07/25/2022 is a testament to its commitment and dedication.

Belém, with its rich tapestry of culture and history, finds itself enriched with the addition of such an establishment. Whether considering collaboration or seeking Training, 47.282.856 LTDA is a bastion of quality in a specific activity.

In the fast-paced world of medical advancement, Specific Training remains steadfast, echoing its promise of excellence, professionalism, and, most importantly, care.

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