46.742.923 Getulio Antonio De Freitas Rio Verde

The Journey Begins: 46.742.923 Getulio Antonio de Freitas Rio Verde

It all started on the 10th of June, 2022, in the thriving municipality of Rio Verde, located in the state of Goiás, Brazil. Getulio Antonio de Freitas Filho, a determined entrepreneur, embarked on a remarkable journey. He established a small business under the trade name Apice Comercio e Servicos, with a corporate registration number (CNPJ) of 46.742.923/0001-10.

This venture was not merely another statistic in the bustling world of trade and services. Instead, it represented an individual’s commitment and resolve to drive positive change in his community through entrepreneurship. It marked the onset of Getulio Antonio de Freitas Filho’s compelling journey.

Unveiling the Entity: Apice Comercio e Servicos

Apice Comercio e Servicos, an entrepreneurial endeavor backed by a share capital of BRL 10,000, was registered as a Small Business. Despite the modest size, its foundation was laid on the principles of Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, effectively catering to the community’s needs.

Interestingly, this entity chose not to be a Micro-Entrepreneur Individual (MEI) but instead opted for the Simple option, establishing itself as a Matrix-type entity. This decision illustrates the calculated strategic planning that defines Apice Comercio e Servicos’ operations.

Active, Engaged, and Onward!

From the onset, Apice Comercio e Servicos held the status of Active, reflecting its unwavering dedication towards consistent service delivery. Whether you’re keen to reach out via phone at (64) 3621-0139 or express your inquiries through an email to rh@colegioapicecerv.com.br, rest assured that your engagement will be received professionally.

The doors of this resilient enterprise are always open, situated at Rua 21, 27, Parque dos Buritis, with a postal code of 75907-370. It is where business magic unfolds!

The Core Business: A Catalyst of Knowledge

The core business of Apice Comercio e Servicos lies in the retail trade of books (47.61-0-01, according to the Federal Revenue). It implies that the company isn’t merely about transactions but about instilling wisdom and knowledge. It’s about enriching the community, strengthening its intellectual capacities, and inspiring minds, one book at a time.

A Bright Future: Unfolding the Potential of 46.742.923 Getulio Antonio de Freitas Rio Verde

With Getulio Antonio de Freitas Filho at the helm, Apice Comercio e Servicos promises a vibrant future. Its strategic location in Rio Verde, a rising star in the state of Goiás, offers significant potential for expansion and diversification.

The journey of 46.742.923 Getulio Antonio de Freitas Rio Verde underlines the resilience of entrepreneurial spirit and the power of commerce to spur social change. By fostering a knowledge-based community through Apice Comercio e Servicos, Getulio Antonio de Freitas Filho’s venture contributes to an eco-friendly, sustainable, and intellectually vibrant world.

Let this story inspire us, reminding us of the potential inherent in every entrepreneurial venture. Each business, regardless of its size or resources, has the power to transform its surroundings and bring about significant socio-economic impact. The tale of Apice Comercio e Servicos and Getulio Antonio de Freitas Filho is a story of resilience, determination, and sustainable development.

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