43.760.146/0001-48 LTDA EFAE – Escola de Formacao em Advocacia Empresarial rio de Janeiro

Introduction to EFAE

Based in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, 43.760.146/0001-48 Ltda, more commonly known as EFAE – Escola de Formação em Advocacia Empresarial, is making strides in legal education. EFAE’s unique approach to imparting knowledge is a testament to their commitment and dedication to nurturing future business law leaders.

Unveiling the Journey

Established on April 10, 2021, this young but ambitious venture already boasts an impressive reputation. EFAE, despite its relative youth, is carving out a niche as a pivotal institution in business law training. Its journey started a mere one year, nine months, and six days ago, but its impact is already palpable.

An In-Depth Look at EFAE

The People Behind the Vision

At the helm of EFAE are André Luiz Santa Cruz Ramos and Pablo Gonçalves e Arruda as partners and managing partners, respectively. They guide EFAE with a unique blend of strategic vision and operational execution, making it a dynamic force in legal education.

The EFAE Experience

EFAE offers an unrivaled educational experience. The school’s principal activity, as recorded by the Federal Revenue, is ‘training in professional and managerial development.’ It aligns with the broader goal of molding individuals ready to take on the world of business law with skill and aplomb.

The focus at EFAE is academic excellence and the development of practical skills, honing students into well-rounded professionals.

EFAE’s Status and Structure

EFAE has set itself apart as an active, thriving micro company in legal education. As a limited company with a social capital of R$24,000.00, EFAE has positioned itself as a strong contender in business law education.

Setting Standards in Accessibility and Contactability

EFAE’s physical location, Estrada De Jacarepagua 05684, Anil, Rio de Janeiro, is easily accessible for local students. However, EFAE extends its reach far beyond the physical. With easy online access via e-mail at pabloarruda@smga.com.br and direct phone contact at (21) 97154-0965, EFAE maintains open lines of communication, ensuring that information, advice, and guidance are merely a call or click away.

EFAE: Shaping the Future of Business Law Education

EFAE is more than just an institution. It’s a beacon of hope for those aspiring to carve a niche in business law. It’s an educational sanctuary where knowledge is not merely imparted but cultivated and where students are taught and inspired to become their best versions.

EFAE is a shining example of what a top-notch business law training institution should look like. Despite being so young, its impressive journey is a testament to its relentless commitment to excellence and the unwavering resolve of its founders. Indeed, the future of business law education looks bright, thanks to institutions like EFAE.

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