4 Trendy Winter Eye Makeup Looks

Choosing a perfect eye makeup look can be challenging during winter. The fear of dryness surfacing on the skin, or feeling less confident about the eye shadow shade takes away the urge of trying different looks. So, what would we do? Ditch the idea of trying interesting eye makeup or search for a solution to swear by? We say it’s always good to find an eye-catchy solution! We are busting the myth of eye makeup getting ruined during the winter. All you need to know is the accurate way of applying the makeup and you are good to go! We have rounded up 4 trendy eye makeup looks that are just perfect to add elegance to your winter makeup. 

Natural Eye Makeup Look 

The simplest and safest look for winter days. An eye shadow shade close to the eyelid’s color, a matte black eyeliner and mascara are the keys to creating this look. Start by sweeping the natural shade of eye shadow and blend in a windshield motion, take the quantity as per the coverage you desire. For the elevated look, apply one stroke on the lower lash line giving it a natural touch. Next, take the liquid eyeliner, draw the liner from the inner corner of the eye going inward and stay as close to your lash line as you can and stop at the outer corner of the eyes. Now, take mascara and add 2-3 coats to the lashes to make them look fuller. There you are, all set to rock the classic eye makeup. 

Metallic Eye Makeup Look 

Stop thinking why, and start wondering how you can pull off this classy eye makeup in winter. All you need to do is follow less is more mantra and rest assured, you will own the look. Start off by applying eye primer or concealer to create a smooth base. From the eye shadow palette, dab and sweep the metallic hue, blending towards the crease of the eyelids. Wow! That gorgeous finish looks breath-taking. If you want to dial down the sheen factor, pair it with a matte shade and blend them well to soften the edge. Finish the look by adding a stroke of eyeliner in your preferred color. We recommend using SÉRY Spectacular Color Eyeliner, it has 5 stunning shade that is infused with Argan Oil. You are ready to add some fun to the gloomy winter with the little shimmer of silver. 

Smokey Eye Makeup Look 

Calm down! You won’t end up with panda eyes. A soft smokey eye will make you look awake during the cosy winter by adding a touch of glam to the eyes. The look is created by applying a dark shade of eye shadow on the lids and lower lash line, blending it towards the outer corner to give a smokey effect. Start with a light approach and don’t go overboard with the color.

To accentuate the look, take eyeliner and create a sleek winged liner (add fun by using colored eyeliner), if you want to add drama then draw a thick liner. Grace the look by adding a few coats of lengthening mascara, it lends the lashes a sensational long effect that goes perfectly well with smokey eye makeup. To add a twist, you can ditch the black color eye shadow and opt for other dark colors like maroon to level up the makeup routine. 

Pastel Eye Makeup Look 

These pastel colors have been ruling the winter and are here to stay for a long time. Think of a dreamy swoop of color on the eyelids that draws inspiration from soft and sweet colors. Can’t stop thinking about it right? So, why not add these color to the winter makeup routine? Start by loading the eye shadow brush with your desired color and apply it on the lids. Ensure to blend it by sticking to the shape of your lids, this gives definition to the eyes and the color payoff looks intense and rich. We will keep this look a little towards the minimal side, and skip the eyeliner. Now, take the magical lady, mascara and wiggle it 2-3 times on the lashes. Ta-da! You are all set to create an eye statement with pastel hues. 

Play around with these interesting eye makeup looks this winters are stand out in the crowd. Ensure to use waterproof products because you don’t want the windy winter tears to ruin your mesmerising eye makeup. 

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