34.354.268 LTDA Park Hotel Boa Idade Recife

The Unique Essence of the Park Hotel Boa Idade

Located in the heart of Recife, a thriving city on Brazil’s northeastern coast, you will find an establishment like no other – the Park Hotel Boa Idade. It isn’t your average hotel but a sanctuary for older people designed with meticulous care and abundant affection.

At The Helm of Affairs

34.354.268 LTDA, the legal name behind the trade name Park Hotel Boa Idade, is the firm running the show. This microenterprise, led by the responsible partner and administrator, Edna Maria da Silva Santos, existed on July 29, 2019. Since then, it has operated with an active status and a registered capital of R$ 100,000.00.

Unfolding the Heart of the Company

Nestled in the quiet neighborhood of Sitio dos Pintos at 960 Luiz Antonio de Araujo, the hotel is more than a lodging place. It serves as a haven for senior citizens, offering assistance to those unable to support themselves economically. Beyond mere sustenance, it addresses their accommodation, hygiene, food, and leisure needs. It is an institution for long-stay care for older people and is doing an exemplary job.

A Deeper Look into Their Services

While its primary activity revolves around providing long-term care for older people, Park Hotel Boa Idade also operates clinics and senior residences. It is a significant factor setting them apart. These residences cater to older people who prefer not to live independently due to health or other reasons. These establishments go above and beyond, providing medical and psychological care, nursing services, and companionship – all under one roof.

The Eco-friendly Approach

In line with global trends, Park Hotel Boa Idade is passionate about maintaining an eco-friendly environment. Their practices involve minimizing waste, recycling wherever possible, and incorporating energy-efficient systems. These efforts reduce their carbon footprint and create a healthy environment for the residents.

The Trust Factor

With its transparent operations and adherence to all legal and societal norms, the institution has earned a reputation for being trustworthy. It operates with a valid CNPJ (the Brazilian equivalent of a company registration number): 34.354.268/0001-43 and a State Registration (Inscrição Estadual) in Pernambuco: 0840534-45.

So, Why Choose Park Hotel Boa Idade?

Firstly, their unique approach to elderly care is indeed commendable. Secondly, their ecological efforts resonate with the need of the hour. But most importantly, their unwavering commitment to providing a safe, caring, and nurturing environment for older people sets them apart.

Thus, if you or a loved one are seeking a place to spend the golden years of life, look no further than Park Hotel Boa Idade in Recife. It isn’t just a hotel; it’s a home, a community, a family – all rolled into one.

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