2×72 vs 2×82 Belt Grinder


The 2x key feature of the grinder is its size and portability. You can carry your grinder in the small bag and be ready to go. However, many grinders have more power than this one and are affordable. This is why some people tend to get a grinder that does not need overload protection or speed control. To me, a 2×72 belt grinder is too weak to grind down any piece of metal without overloading it. There are other high-powered belt grinders ( like  3×72 ) that you can choose from if you want more power.

2×72 vs 3×72 belt grinders?

3x is the higher number for most grinding machines and this means that the 3X machine has a much bigger work area and better distribution of the load along the rotating shaft compared to a 2X machine. Therefore, my recommendation is if you want something powerful enough, then go with a 3X machine instead. But if you do not mind that extra overkill, I think more money spent on a weaker machine might as well be used to buy a larger capacity battery so that you can run a few hours longer under load before recharging its battery again (a good idea when grinding steel).

Another thing I forgot to mention earlier is: If your budget allows it, get a 4X or 5X machine instead of a 3X machine (5x will give better results but will cost twice as much). The reason why I say they are similar at 2X is that all belts are the same when it comes down to how much force they produce. What makes them different? Their diameter (mm) and their length (mm). It’s about two times longer for example than 2.5m vs 1m respectively. Therefore, if you see a 5m belt for example, definitely prefer one with two times longer length on each

2×72 belt grinder

If you’re looking for a belt grinder that can handle light-duty work and small projects, the 2×72 is a good choice. It’s also one of our most affordable models (with an MSRP of $129).

The 2×72 belt grinder has a two-speed motor that can grind up to 10,000 RPM. This makes it ideal for grinding metal sheet metal or trimming wood. The machine also comes with variable speed control so you can adjust its speed according to your needs—you won’t have to worry about being forced out of commission by overworking your tool!

If home use is what you’re after, then this model could be right up your alley: it’s lightweight enough not to get in anyone’s way while they’re working around their house; however heavy enough not only help save space but also prevent injury from accidents like falls caused by bumping into things while trying not to fall yourself!

2×82 belt grinder

The 2×82 belt grinder is the best choice for those who want a powerful, high-quality tool. It can handle jobs up to 1 inch thick and will last you a lifetime.

The 2×72 belt grinder is not as good as the 2X82 belt grinder because it’s less powerful than its bigger cousin. However, if you’re looking for something that doesn’t cost much more than a standard model but still gives you plenty of power for your needs, then this may be what you’re looking for!

2×72 and 2×82 best belt grinder

  • If you’re looking for a belt grinder that can handle large jobs, the 2×72 model is probably your best bet.
  • The 2×82 model has more power than its smaller counterpart, but it’s also more expensive and not quite as durable.
  • If you have limited space or are just starting in this hobby, then consider getting a smaller one before upgrading later on down the road when money allows it.


The debate between 2×72 and 2×82 belt grinders is ongoing in the DIY community. Now, here comes the part where it all got personal. I have been blessed with a lot of people who are very close friends to me in my life as well as on my projects. So, this is how it all started:

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