10 Services You Didn’t Know You Needed when Immigrating

Moving house is seen as one of the most stressful life events. If you’re also planning to move homes and countries, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and frantic about where to begin. Do you need to speak to container fumigation services or a tax lawyer? 

An international move has many details to consider, and ideally, you don’t want to realize you need professional help if you’re almost at your moving date. Please scroll through our list of helpful services and professional vendors that could come in handy and make your immigration process much more manageable. 

Tax Experts

You can only move to another country if you consider your tax. Apart from ensuring everything is up to date, it would help if you informed tax authorities of your plans.

Consider details of your move, such as whether it’s a permanent or temporary arrangement and whether you’ll earn an income. Discuss the situation with a tax expert to gauge if you need to apply for special tax arrangements. 

Document Couriers

You’ll have a lot of documents going back and forth between you, government agencies, new employers, and other parties. While some of it can be sent digitally, immigration often requires original documentation to be shared.

Identify a trustworthy vendor in your area known for protecting your privacy and assets. They should offer services like picking up and delivering documents at your door, saving you a trip into town. 

Pet Transportation

If your pets are fit enough, they can make the journey with you, even if it requires a long flight. It requires pet transportation services, and often, it’s more challenging than having them fly on the same flight you’re on. They may need to be quarantined before and after the flight, or you must secure a home before flying them over. Vendors in this niche can help care for them and handle the paperwork. 

Estate Agents

You’ll need estate agents to find a place you and your pets will be happy. A new country’s property market may differ significantly from what you’re used to, so stay open-minded when browsing for options. At first, you may need to settle for a smaller space, but you can always move later. Find a starter property so you can start settling into your new community. 

Also, find a quality estate agent in your current town, so you can get your property sold or rented out with minimal delay. 

Shipping and Logistics

It’s up to you whether you only take a few personal items or the entire contents of your home—either way, some things will need to be transported internationally. 

Vet companies and find a logistics company respected for their customer service, so you can quickly get feedback on your shipment. Also, enquire about their specialty services, such as fumigation of containers or side loader transport capabilities. You may save some money if you don’t have to pay a third party for certain services.

Secondhand Stores

Even when you take the bulk of your items to your new home, there will be things you leave behind. Streamline the process by finding local secondhand outlets that will collect items instead of you having to drive all over town delivering them to buyers. 

Tip: some charity ventures may also appreciate donated items and be willing to collect them. 


Ensure easy access to your funds by researching the opening of a new bank account early on. In some cases, you can open on before arrival. Alternatively, find out what documentation you’ll need to open one after arriving, so you can get it done as soon as possible after arrival. 

Insurance Experts

Various aspects of your move require you to have an in-depth discussion with your insurance provider/s:

  • Health insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Asset Insurance 
  • Insurance of your belongings being transported 

Find out what’s required, so you’re adequately covered from when you leave home to where you reach your new home—and beyond. 

Travel Agents

To save money, consider organizing yourself, but remember to consider the value of using professional travel agents. They can find the most appropriate flights at the best prices and book them so that you can easily miss a connecting flight. 

Also, you can focus on other details with them handling flights and accommodation. 

Post Office

Despite us using email for most correspondence, postal addresses are still necessary. Make sure to change your contact details everywhere you have accounts but also enquire at the post office about the possibility of having your mail forwarded to a new address for a while. 

Final Thoughts

If you manage to make your immigration journey less stressful, you’ll start your new life chapter with a better mindset and more energy. So, contact the pros today to help you plan efficiently for everything from pet relocation to sorting through the contents of your home. And if you have tips once you’re finished, please let us know. 

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