Tips to Improve your Business Security With VPS in South Africa


A virtual private server is highly popular in the web hosting industry as an alternative to both shared web servers & dedicated web servers for online businesses. This is because it renders numerous high-grade hosting benefits as well as administrative privileges at the most affordable pricing. With VPS in South Africa, you get the opportunity to eradicate all the constraints that come under shared server hosting plans. 

At the same time, you obtain an independent web hosting environment just as one gets under dedicated server hosting plans. 

Above all, you get the assurance of Complete Secure Server VPS South Africa which is a safe & secure web hosting solution. 

Through this article, you will come across the various robust security aspects associated with virtual private server hosting. However, let us first begin with apprehending the significance & functioning of a virtual private web server. 

What is a Virtual Private Server:

A virtual private server runs on the technology of virtualization. It comes with dedicated web resources & provides an independent environment to let you host your online business with utmost flexibility. 

Under the VPS Server South Africa, you can pay as you go. Also, you do not have to buy an entire web hosting server to obtain the needed server administrative privileges. 

Features that help to secure your website with VPS in South Africa

Check out the excellent features you receive with VPS in South Africa which enables you to assure your web business protection – 

Isolation via Hypervisor 

In the construction of a virtual private server, a Hypervisor Software application is employed that helps to create an independent & isolated web hosting environment. This enables a VPS South Africa to run autonomously without getting interrupted by other virtual private servers & websites. 

In turn, the business website you host on a virtual private server remains secured from external or outside influence & security threats. Your business website acquires complete isolation & hosting platform protection within the virtual private server environment. 


Under the virtual private server web hosting, you get the authority to install any number of required apps & programs for your business website. Further, unlike shared server web hosting, you get the right to run the most compatible operating system on your virtual private server. 

On the other side, you can also implement the web security layers you think are needed in order to fully ensure the protection of your business website data as well as its users. 

With VPS in South Africa, the flexibility you get to customize your virtual private server helps you to securely host your online business with utmost ease. 

Root level access

You can obtain the root access control of your virtual private server from your web host. With root access to your VPS in South Africa, you get the power to make the configurations robust & safe of your web hosting server as per your needs & desires. 

This further enables you to run, operate, administer, and manage your virtual private server by yourself without any interference.  

How can VPS in South Africa protect your online business?

Mentioned below are listed some of the tips you can easily follow to intensify your online business security with the VPS hosting South Africa –

  • Employ Protection Applications from Third-party Sources

You can make a rapid search on the web to obtain the best & most effective security applications for your business website. The third-party sources enable you to acquire powerful security against the specified threat. 

Eliminate unused ports & Modify the Default Port

One of the common threats nowadays is automated cyberattacks. Such security threats are executed by bots while making their way through similar & default web security configurations. Thus, under the South Africa VPS, you must alter the default port as well as shut down the unused ones. 

Set an Access Hierarchy

You must establish a hierarchy when it comes to providing access to different aspects of your VPS Hosting in South Africa. This enables you to prevent your system from crashing & accidental deletion of anything on your web hosting server. 

Make use of the latest software versions through VPS in South Africa

Your virtual private server becomes more vulnerable to security threats when you run older versions of software. So, you must employ the latest software versions. Also, you can keep updating them on your web hosting server with just a few clicks. 

Manage your Website with DDoS Protection by Serverwala’s VPS in South Africa Hosting

Apart from following the tips discussed above, you must seek a dependable & top-notch South Africa VPS provider for your web business’s ultimate security. Thus, here we are highlighting the industry-leading as well as most reliable web host – Serverwala data center. 

Serverwala renders the Best VPS Server South Africa at the most affordable cost pricing. It further delivers hyper-scale web hosting privileges with the most advanced data security features, including free SSL certificates, DDoS protection, and many more. 

Further, with the data center’s VPS hosting South Africa, you get the following incredible benefits –

  • 99.90% Uptime guarantee
  • Secure network channels
  • Highest & constant network connectivity 
  • Effective control panel options, etc. 

Get addon Acronis Backup with VPS Hosting South Africa to secure your Business Data 

Serverwala data center is also the official partner of Acronis. So, you can easily obtain the automated Acronis data backup at very minimal charges. This enables you to never lose any of your data linked to your online business. 


The South Africa VPS Server renders high customizability, server root access, hosting flexibility, and many more administrative privileges to ensure your online business security. Further, you get the possibility to enhance your business website protection by implementing the tips discussed in this article. 
On the other side, you can get the best-in-class VPS with progressive data security measures at the Serverwala data center. Visit right away the website of the data center & get more insightful details regarding the cheapest & leading VPS hosting in South Africa

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