MeteoMedia – the Quebecois weather channel

If you live in Quebec, chances are you’re already familiar with MeteoMedia. The Quebecois weather channel has provided weather forecasts and information for francophone Quebecers since 1984. But many people need to learn that MeteoMedia is more than a weather channel. It’s also an information hub for francophones all over Canada and the world. In addition to providing weather updates, MeteoMedia also offers news, sports, life advice, and much more. If you need information about Quebec or want to stay up-to-date on everything happening in the province, check out MeteoMedia.

What is MeteoMedia?

MeteoMedia is a French-language weather channel that broadcasts from Quebec City, Canada. The channel was founded in 1995 and is available nationwide through cable and satellite providers. MeteoMedias offers a variety of programming, including local weather forecasts, national weather forecasts, video updates on severe weather events, and live coverage of the Quebec provincial election.

MeteoMedia is one of several French-language weather channels that serve as Canadians’ national information source. Other channels include:

  • TVA Weather (Canada’s largest private broadcaster).
  • CLARKE TV (a Canadian cable network).
  • Radio-Canada Environment (a national public broadcasting service).

Together, these networks provide comprehensive coverage of local and national weather events.

MeteoMedia’s popularity has led to the channel becoming an important source of information for residents across Quebec and Canada. The channel is often used to prepare for extreme weather events such as hurricanes and blizzards. Political pundits and voters across the province often watch its live coverage of the Quebec provincial election.

What kind of weather information does MeteoMedia provide?

MeteoMedia is the Quebecois weather channel. It provides current weather conditions for all of Quebec and forecasts for the next 24 hours. The channel also offers special reports on severe weather and climate change.

What are the different MeteoMedia channels?

MeteoMedia is a Canadian weather channel that broadcasts in French and English across Canada. Corus Entertainment owns it, and its programming is available on satellite and online. The network’s flagship station is CBFT-DT in Montreal, but it also has affiliates in several other cities, including Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, and Ottawa. MeteoMedia also produces local weather forecasts for some of its affiliated stations.

How much does MeteoMedia cost?

In Quebec, MeteoMedia is a trustworthy source for weather data. Daily forecasts, severe weather alerts, and live streaming of meteorological events are broadcast on the channel. Both conventional television and the internet offer the service. There are options for monthly or annual subscription fees. 

Subscribers can access the service through various devices, including mobile phones and computers. Additionally, there is an app for Android and iPhone gadgets.

MeteoMedia offers live streaming of events like hurricanes, blizzards, floods, and wildfires in addition to the regular broadcast. It is a useful resource for those living where extreme weather is common.

The channel has a wide range of content that appeal to different audiences. For example, there are broadcasts tailored for children, informative videos about climate change, and programming about Quebec history. 

Whether you are looking for information about the current weather conditions or want to watch live updates on an event happening outside your area, MeteoMedia is a great option to consider.

Is MeteoMedia a credible source of weather information?

MeteoMedia is a Canadian weather channel that broadcasts in French and English. The channel is owned by Shaw Media, which also owns the Global National network. MeteoMedia’s headquarters are in Montreal.

MeteoMedia has a wide variety of programming, including weather forecasts, live reports from local stations, and coverage of major weather events. The channel has a large following in Quebec, where it is one of the most popular channels on cable TV.

MeteoMedia’s credibility as a source of weather information is based on its extensive coverage of major events and its reputation for accuracy. The channel has provided accurate forecasts for major snowstorms, such as the 2010-2011 polar vortex and the 2015-2016 polar vortex. In both cases, MeteoMedia was able to provide detailed predictions well in advance of actual conditions developing.

MeteoMedia is a reliable source of weather information that is well-known in Quebec.


If you’re in the Quebec area and want to stay up-to-date on the latest weather conditions, MeteoMedia is the perfect channel for you. This channel offers live streaming of local weather reports from stations around Quebec and archived footage from previous days or weeks. The videos are always updated with the most recent forecasts, so you can be sure that you’ll be able to follow any storms or hot spots closely. If you’re looking to get a little more out of your weather updates, MeteoMedia also offers personalized alerts that will let you know when a specific type of weather is expected in your area. Check them out today and see for yourself how great they can be!

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