Custom Brochure Printing Services: A Few Points to Consider while Availing

Custom Brochure Printing Services: A Few Points to Consider while Availing

When it comes to printed formats of marketing, brochure printing is one of the most important tools. Brochures are that one printed tool that gives you a lot of space to communicate with the audience about what you offer, your brand story, what your future plans look like, etcetera.

However, designing a brochure can be quite tricky. The information should be accessible without boring the onlookers. Brochure printing is extremely interesting and you can really have fun with it as long as the print shop knows the latest techniques and technologies.

The life of your brochure will depend on the content and how interesting you have made it. But things go beyond crisp content and good images. It is a mixture of elements together in harmony that make your brochure look and feel amazing. There are so many aspects of brochure printing that you cannot ignore.

In this blog, I’m going to talk about the same. Go for custom brochure printing as a part of your marketing tool. 

Keep the purpose in mind:

Once you have thought of availing brochures for advertising your business, it is very important for you to identify the objectives of the brochures. Are you doing it for a product launch? Are you doing it just to create a buzz in the market? Which segment of your target market will distribute your brochures? What is your ultimate aim?

Know your folds:

Yes, by that I mean the brochures. You need to understand the folds of the brochures. Do you want trifold ones? Or double folded brochures will do? 

Review your copy:

If the content and artwork are done, I would ask you to review them multiple times. Always keep in mind that any spelling mistake or other silly mistake can cost you a lot. It can harm your business more than you have ever thought. 

Choose your forms:

You should also consider this factor when you are ordering brochures for your business.

Include CTA:

You must not forget to add CTA or call to action because this will keep your business in their minds. They will call you or look you up online if you mention the requirements.  

Know your paper stock and coating:

You will get various options in terms of coating and paper stock as well – choose the one that will complement your business and would look good. It must feel luxurious so that people understand your brand value. 

Include high-resolution photos:

You must get high-resolution pictures clicked for your brochures and include them so that your products look lucrative to the onlookers. The products must look like something that they would like to avail of. 

The cover:

When you are ordering brochures, you should opt for a very attractive cover. If the cover is bad, the recipients will not open the brochure itself. You should pick the right colors that complement each other as well. 

Be creative with your inserts:

If your brand persona reflects quirky, then you should be creative with your inserts. If simple is not your thing, then why not go all the way and be quirky? The shape should pop out and impress the recipient at the very first go! You can even incorporate shapes if you want to.

Use textures:

Not many people consider it even today, but you can really make a mark with texture. It feels great and even looks great. Add an interesting dimension to a boring subject matter by including textures.

Be creative with typography:

Do not choose more than 2/3 fonts. You need to be creative with graphics or photographs. And yes, try to be creative around fonts as well. If you have an in-house designer, you should ask him or her to include unique fonts so that your brochure stands out from others. Fix the color scheme and stick to it. 

So these are a few things you need to keep in mind when it comes to a4 brochures. Just pick the right material and content and you are good to go. You should consider the functionality of the brochures. Try to think simple and you are good to go. Knowing your customers will help you streamline your purpose. 

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